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Can you hear me roar?

A blog only for boys and yet I have managed to avoid the subject that at least every other boy under the age of six is obsessed with: the dreaded dinosaur! There is so much to write about this subject, the product range being so extensive, I’ve been scratching my head for days where to start.  So I consulted the experts, my boys, and asked each to select four of their most prized dinosaur possessions (I promise to write another blog with lots of dinosaur arts and crafts – so hold your breath).


M’s selection


For the slightly older boys, the true-to-life Schleich dinosaurs seem to be the thing to want and have – these are a pleasure to collect as they are nearly indestructible and look so real. M also adores this frighteningly mean dinosaur backpack, which is guaranteed to scare off any bullies at school! Being a board-game loving family (especially in the autumn and winter) we find ourselves playing hours of the T-Rex game – a fun family game that the boys can’t get enough of because of the big bad black T-Rex. M’s newest favorite is the Dinobot, a robotic dinosaur that he has assembled himself – a great combination of his love of dinosaurs and anything mechanical.


for the love of dinosaurs, boys only by


B’s selection


My second born son has decided he would like to become a “dinosaur – discoverer” (I quote him here as I am not quite sure what this job entails)…. It’s therefore not uncommon to find B sitting at the dining room table excavating dinosaur bones hidden away in plaster (I have the vacuum cleaner on stand-by), building his own 3-D dinosaur or making a dinosaur puzzle (of the endless selection he has been given over the years). And in the evening, to ensure he even dreams about these pre-historic creatures, you will often find B in bed fast asleep on top of “Het grote Boek van de Dinosaurussen”.

for the love of dinosaurs, boys only by


F’s favorites


My youngest, who is about to turn three, doesn’t seem to have a choice whether he likes dinosaurs or not. The fact that the big boys worship them is enough to make F follow in their footsteps – after all, he wants to be as grown up as they are (in his eyes of course!). Here are some of his favorites, all of which are less frightening and more toddler-friendly.

for the love of dinosaurs, boys only by

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And my favorites, well they must be the outrageous dinosaur products I have stumbled across in the past few years: a dinosaur head for dressing up, a do-it-yourself dinosaur costume for your dog and the cutest ever, Mr. and Mrs. dinosaur knuffels.

for the love of dinosaurs, boys only by


PS: Just in case you haven’t heard, the dinosaurs are coming to town. For a fun afternoon out with the bigger boys, you may want to go take a look at “Walking with the Dinosaurs”, a true dinosaur spectacular!

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