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Wellies, Gumbies, Billy-Boots or Rainboots – call them what you will!

These days, with autumn fast approaching, it’s not uncommon to hear me singing (my eldest son refers to it as yodeling) “Rain drops keep falling on my head”. Who can blame me with the continuous rain bouts we have been having lately? Don’t get me wrong, I love autumn! Inside the house it is warm and cozy, candles burning (out of reach of my toddler of course), the smell of a freshly baked cake whiffs through the house and the boys are happily playing in their rooms (this only happens in my dreams of course). Outside, the cool air is crisp and moist, the leaves are beginning to turn in color and cover the ground in endless shades of red, orange and yellow. Nature at it’s best. For obvious reasons, autumn also means a change in clothes: warm, cuddly sweaters, thick, woolen socks and of course, every child’s favorite, Wellies (a.k.a. Regenlaarzen).

Having three boys, whose feet seem to grow at a miraculous speed, I have an endless supply of Wellies stored away in our attic. Any size, any color, any brand, I’m sure to have at least one pair. Why you may ask? Because until recently I had not managed to find the perfect rain boot for boys.

Here is my reasoning: Boots need to be tough and sturdy to withstand the adventurous climbing, running and jumping that boys tend to do. Yet they also need to be soft and comfortable for those precious little feet that are growing and can get soar oh-so quickly (no plastic boots in my house; I’m a fan of the real rubber boot). They need to be able to be put on in less than 10 seconds, as boys are always in a hurry to get outside and I don’t have the patience to put on three pairs of boots twenty times a day (shoes with loops are great as they aid children in putting them on themselves). Wellies need to be warm (so those little toes don’t freeze) and have a comfortable lining (unlike many women who wear excruciatingly painful high-heeled shoes, I have never known a child that will wear a pair of uncomfortable shoes for more than five minutes). The soles of the Wellies need to be flexible, so they move with the foot, yet need to have good grip to avoid (unintended) slipping and sliding outside. Boots need to fit well; too lose and they will fall off whilst climbing; too tight and no child will wear them. A plus point for any Welly is if the shaft of the boot is high, it has a string to close the shaft or even a cuff at the top of the boot. This ensures that no matter how deep the water puddle (and trust me, my boys can find the deepest puddles in a ten mile radius) or how hard the boys jump, run and skip through the water, their feet will stay dry. Last but not least, depending on the age of your son, Wellies need to be either colorful and fun or sufficiently cool for tough boys to wear.

Having purchased and tested my share of rain boots in the past six years, I have a few favorites. Wellies that fulfill all my criteria, last for years and are worn (with great joy) by my boys.

welke regenlaarzen zijn het beste jongens

From left to right and from top to bottom – Hatley – Kidorable – Bergstein – Hunter [1] – BundgaardAigle – Bisgaard

[1] The UK website of Hunter’s has a larger selection than is available in the Netherlands and shipment to the EU is possible


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