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To the potty we go

I am sure I won’t be the first to tell you, but there comes a time when, as a parent, you are expected to potty train your child (one of those not-so-pleasant, but mandatory steps in a child’s development). Now I am not one to teach and preach about the best methods (see the hundred or so books written on the subject) or times (preferably before they go on their first date) to do so. I will however, as a mother of three, warn you of the pitfalls (and remedies) of potty training boys, which, for obvious anatomical differences, requires a different set of  “tools”.

My first, and most important, piece of advice is simple: make sure you buy the right potty! There is only one thing worse than an uncomfortable potty: a potty which does not take into account the differences between girls and boys and results in a large puddle of pee, not in, but next to it. I purchased about 6 different models, until I finally discovered the “Zetelpotje” from Baby Bjorn, which avoids any “spillage” and even looks pretty!

boys only, zindelijk worden, potty training

Alternatively, try Baby Bjorn’s toilet trainer – another product, which is “boy-safe”.

boys only, zindelijk worden, potty training

Now there are some parents out there who (so I have been told by friends) think it is important that boys learn to pee standing up.  I tried to avoid this for the longest time, fearing that my boys’ motor skills (or lack thereof) did not permit them to “hit the target” every time (requiring me to mop the bathroom floor at least 20 times a day).  In addition, the height of an average toilet does not quite match the height of a little boy’s “best friend”. Tippitoes’ “Toilet Trainer” solves this dilemma and provides your little one with a urinal at just the right height.

boys only, zindelijk worden jongens

As for hitting the target, what better way than to place a “bulls-eye” in your toilet (or toilet trainer) to ensure your boys no longer have an excuse to miss. 

boys only, zindelijk worden, potty training

Having finally gotten rid of the diapers, most boys still tend to have little accidents –as I have experienced, this often happens at school when they are too busy to go to the toilet and, sadly, you are not around to help them clean up. To avoid any embarrassing situations in the schoolyard, prepare a little toilet bag containing wet wipes, clean underwear and a sealable bag to put their dirty clothes in. 

boys only, zindelijk worden, potty training

Last but not least, make sure you have a copy of the all-time classic “Potje!” by Mylo Freeman at hand. A wonderfully illustrated book that will encourage even the most potty-phobic child to be potty trained!

boys only, zindelijk worden, potty training


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