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Traktaties – Super sweet flower fairies

A real treat for little girls!

What you will need:
– Cupcakes: store bought or self-made
– Powdered sugar & water  (to make a glaze/icing)
– Mini sweets or coloured sprinkles (I have used sugar coated popped rice)
– Sate sticks, glue, scissors, & tape.

  • Download PDF and print pages.
  • Fairy: Fold the page and holding it up to the light to make sure the figures line up. Cut out the figures, and glue them to a sate stick.
  • Butterfly: Cut out the butterfly and fold the wing halves to the underneath. Glue the wings together – but not the tab sections (these will be glued to the unprinted side of the inside flower image.)
  • Flower: Cut carefully along the bottom of the inside and outside flower images.
  • Using a Stanley knife make an incision in one of the flower petals (as per dotted line on image) on the inside image. Insert the butterfly and glue the tabs to the unprinted side of the inside image.
  • Glue the inside and outside flower images together and then cut out the flower.
  • Fold the image, and overlapping slightly, tape the sides together to form a flower.
  • Fold down the petals a little.
  • Decorate the cupcakes by making a thick paste from the sugar & water and sprinkling something sweet on top. Place a cupcake in the middle of each flower.
  • Insert the fairies.

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