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Traktaties – Sunday Drivers

Sunday drivers!

What you will need:
– Scissors, glue, cookie cutters in the shape of numbers

– Car: Egg cakes (eierkoeken). You can also cut half circles from slices of cake, ontbijtkoek or bread.

– Wheels: Drop Jo-Jos & peppermint rounds (or any other round sweets)

– Exhaust pipe: Dynamite sticks (dynmietstaafjes)

– Sour strips (zuur matten)

– Melted white chocolate

Instructions :  

1. Download PDF, Print, fold, cut and glue the images together.

2. Melt white chocolate and allow to cool slightly.

3. Cut egg cakes and dynamite sticks in half.

4. Spread melted chocolate (not much is needed) across the bottom of one cake half and dip the end of a dynamite stick in the chocolate.

5. Lay the dynamite stick on the cake half and press the remaining cake half on top: this forms the car & exhaust pipe. Lie the car on its side.

6. Glue the wheels to one side of the car using the melted chocolate, place on a tray and put in the freezer for a few minutes. Note: the car should still be lying flat. The freezer quickly sets the melted chocolate and cools the cake so when gluing the second set of wheels the chocolate will harden quickly.

7.  Remove from freezer and glue wheels to the other side of the car – taking care to place then at the same distance/height so the cars stand up correctly. Allow chocolate to harden.

8. Finishing touches: slide the drivers into the cars and add a little dab of chocolate to the exhaust pipe & attach the “smoke clouds”.  Cut numbers from sour strips using number cookie cutters (or by hand) and glue to the car.


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