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Hans en Grietje traktatie

Nikki maakte voor ons deze geweldige Hans en Grietje koekhuisjes. De omschrijving in het Nederlands vind je hier.

English version:

This treat has several elements – Simple Mini ginger bread houses and a series of figures to print.
These are very easy to make, but can take a bit of time if you are making a large number. Get the kids to help decorate – they won’t say no!

What you will need:
– Scissors, glue, toothpicks/sate sticks
– Ontbijtkoek (one per four kids)
– White chocolate – to melt & use to glue all the elements together
– Dry biscuits (thee biscuits or similar)
– Sour strips
– Assorted sweets – smarties, tum tum etc
– Gum balls

– Cut the ontbijtkoek into four even pieces (in half, and then each half in half again).
– Then cut the corners off the top to form a roof shape – see photo.
Don’t worry if this is not perfect or even – you won’t notice once the roof is on.
– Melt the chocolate.
– Spread melted chocolate onto the back of 2 biscuits and allow to cool slightly before sticking these to the roof.
– Cut 6 lengths of sour strips to the same width as the biscuits (3 per biscuit). These are then glued to the biscuits, overlapping each other slightly.
Note: if you are making a lot of houses – prepare the roofs before attaching them to the ontbijtkoek.
– And then decorate!

Figures: DOWNLOAD PDF, Print, fold, cut and glue to a sate stick or toothpick. Stand them up in a gum ball or cupcake.


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Nikki is in haar vrije tijd altijd creatief bezig. Tekenen, schilderen, DIY, in de keuken en in de tuin. Elke maand blogt ze op over traktaties in combinatie met een gratis printable.