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Traktaties – Funky Monkey

Deze maand een funky traktatie! Makkelijk en erg leuk voor een verjaardag of gewoon een feestelijke traktatie. Lees hieronder hoe je de funky monkey maakt!

What you will need:
–  A box of bread sticks (soepstengels) – there’s about 18 in a box
–  2 small bars of chocolate (75/100g size) I used one white and one milk
–  Selection of sprinkles, cake decorating products/small sweets, or chopped fruit & nuts
–  Scissors
–  Glue (stick)

Instructions :
1. Download and print illustrations.
2. Fold and then cut out the characters along the dotted lines
Tip: before cutting – hold the folded page up to the window and check that the pictures are correctly aligned.
3. Melt chocolate using a bain-marie and allow to cool slightly.
4. Coat about 6 cm of the end each bread stick with melted chocolate. I do this by spooning the chocolate over the end and then shaking of the excess.
6. Pop the chocolate coated sticks in a tall glass to cool for another few minutes, and then sprinkle with or dip into your desired topping.
7. When chocolate has hardened, paper monkeys can be attached. Dab a little glue onto one side of the paper monkey, wrap around the “drumstick” and stick.

Note: Drumsticks take no more than half an hour to make – so quick and easy- and can be made a few days before and stored in an airtight container.

Get the kids to help – they will love it!


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